Excited to be sharing over at The Salt Collective today about what I learned about politics at Liberty University, seeing the movie Vice, and laying out some facts and big questions about Christian responsibility and complicity.

“Liberty is where I started being exposed to politics, where I first heard politicians speak. Everyone seemed so sure of themselves and their stances, and they were all so very loudly and proudly Christian. It was made obvious that Republicans were the godly party. There was little room, if any, for discernment or nuance in any political discussion.

Such a small number of powerful men were responsible for so much death and destruction that is still ongoing. This “War on Terror” is responsible for the formulation of ISIS and was used as an excuse for selfish gain. Sure, some of the movie is conjecture – it’s not all fact, and a lot of artistic license is used (unless the Cheney’s did recite MacBeth to each other in lieu of pillow talk). Cheney was a notoriously private man. But if we squint around the details and stick to the general themes of what is known, the facts are still stark. We, Americans, are still responsible for so much bloodshed.

If I was being lied to along with everyone else does that mean I’m not complicit? This is a question that haunts me – even if I didn’t know better, am I complicit?”

Read the full post over at The Salt Collective!

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