I’m a longtime reader of A Life Overseas, an incredible blog and resource for both missionaries, and people who are living or have lived in a country other than the country of their birth. I’m thrilled to be sharing over there today about How We Get Rootedness Wrong.

I wanted to be in community forever with the street boys in my desert home. I wanted to watch the girls in South Sudan grow up. I wanted to sit and drink tea and laugh with Mama M on the reg. During these years, I also wanted to have coffee with my sisters, wanted to enjoy Christmas with my Mom, didn’t want to miss being there as my nephew was born, wanted a yard with soil I could fortify and plant in year after year.

I wanted it all, all in the same place. And now I just want to stop. I want to stop and not do it anymore and just stay and that’s it.

And maybe rootedness turns into an idol this way.

Read the rest over at A Life Overseas. 

How We Get Rootedness Wrong

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