I am thrilled and grateful to share my essay, “Following God, Even When it Hurts Like Hell,” over at SheLoves Magazine.

I followed where I believed God told me to go. As I went, I experienced interrogation, expulsion, harassment, loss, and war. I dug in, I sacrificed, I kept going back, I kept letting people into my heart, only to feel it break over and over again as I watched them get trampled on. I did what I felt called to do and chose to do. I did all the right things, and I ended up experiencing more pain and heartbreak than I ever thought possible.

The truth is always that God is good and worthy and enough. But the truth also remains that I followed where God led me, and it hurt me like hell.

Check out the full essay, Following God, Even When it Hurts Like Hell over on SheLoves Magazine!

Following God, Even When It Hurts Like Hell




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