Maybe Someday

On Thursday I travelled in a jam packed car for the 100ish-mile trek on a well travelled dirt road from Juba to Yei. It took about 4.5 bumpy hours. It was a beautiful drive. Teak forests and mahogany trees, school children walking, ladies with yellow jerry cans perfectly balanced on their heads. High grasses, sacred-looking … Continue reading Maybe Someday

Thoughts on Things

It’s no secret the gross consumerism that exists in America. In my last post I talked about reverse culture shock. Trying to line up my life in the US with it’s abundance of stuff and opportunities and the utter lack of those things in my life in Africa is hard. It’s hard to find some … Continue reading Thoughts on Things


My life has changed a lot since a month ago. My language school was shut down, along with a number of other schools and businesses. I was forced to leave a country that I had come to love, that had become home…one where I wanted to stay….and still do.  An large number of us have … Continue reading Rewind

Gotta Start Somewhere

After a time of waiting I am finally, finally on the road to Africa. It has been in my heart for years, and really all I have wanted to do since freshman year of college. Maybe even before. I don’t really remember. When people here and there have asked my why…why I want to go, … Continue reading Gotta Start Somewhere