Next Door Wedding

So, our next door neighbors are Ethiopian and they had a wedding celebration yesterday. There was a tent set up in the street (literally taking up the whole street so you couldn’t pass through) and lots of hulabaloo all around getting ready yesterday morning. Here, when someone on your street gets married it is expected … Continue reading Next Door Wedding


over·con·fi·dent (ō′vər kän′fə dənt) adjective -confident without adequate reason; too confident -excessively confident; presumptuous. Also…one who thinks that after only one day of taking the bus in a new country where they don’t speak the language, that they can get off at a different stop to go to the store and can walk back to … Continue reading Over·con·fi·dent


I am having a hard time believing that I am really here in what will be my home for the next long while. Sometimes when I have been in the house for a few hours or wake up in the morning I remember and it makes me smile. I never, ever thought I would be … Continue reading Here

Love Note?

Dear Africa, I don’t mean to be mean. We haven’t gotten off to a rough start exactly. Safari was great and I have crossed paths with some lovely people. The robbery, while not my fav, could have been much worse. Getting really sick the next day though just seemed a bit like adding insult to … Continue reading Love Note?