During my solo treks during the day my mind is usually doing one of two things. Singing a few lines of a song that is stuck there, or in an ongoing narrative to which there is no audience. I write like I think. Maybe I think like I write…In any case, in my little mind … Continue reading Monologue


As I await things to settle following the referendum voting and my desert home, I am in Nairobi working with Kenya Children of Hope ( I am so thankful for the opportunity to basically tag a long and learn from them while I am here. The fact that it is in walking distance from where … Continue reading Nairobi

Week 1 Reflections

My first week in Africa has been spent at a conference. Which has been a unique opportunity for me to get to know the folks here, as well as get some wisdom and encouragement from those who have conquered the first baby steps in a new land. There are people from all over—Brits, Aussies, Americans, Africans, … Continue reading Week 1 Reflections

Ohhh So Thankful!

First things first. I am fully recovered from the kidney donation. Feeling back to normal, and praising God for a (relatively) easy and probably-about-as-painless-as-it-could-be recovery. ANDDDDDDD raising my hands and dancing my feet in praise because I am almost fully funded and approved to leave on Christmas for Africa! I prayed for a miracle and … Continue reading Ohhh So Thankful!

Gotta Start Somewhere

After a time of waiting I am finally, finally on the road to Africa. It has been in my heart for years, and really all I have wanted to do since freshman year of college. Maybe even before. I don’t really remember. When people here and there have asked my why…why I want to go, … Continue reading Gotta Start Somewhere