Orange Toes

I am pretty low maintenance. I don’t own make up. I haven’t shampooed or conditioned my hair in over a year. I make my own deoderant. I don’t exactly shower everyday. Don’t worry, I stay presentable and I don’t smell. Here is the thing about most local women. They spend hours and hours doing all … Continue reading Orange Toes

Shady Fears

Yesterday at the centre I led an art activity for the boys. I will be doing a lot of this in the next few weeks for their 7 week summer program. Arting and crafting is kinda my thing and they don’t get many opportunities at all to do those sorts of things. The boys were ok…it … Continue reading Shady Fears

Next Door Wedding

So, our next door neighbors are Ethiopian and they had a wedding celebration yesterday. There was a tent set up in the street (literally taking up the whole street so you couldn’t pass through) and lots of hulabaloo all around getting ready yesterday morning. Here, when someone on your street gets married it is expected … Continue reading Next Door Wedding


over·con·fi·dent (ō′vər kän′fə dənt) adjective -confident without adequate reason; too confident -excessively confident; presumptuous. Also…one who thinks that after only one day of taking the bus in a new country where they don’t speak the language, that they can get off at a different stop to go to the store and can walk back to … Continue reading Over·con·fi·dent