Pins & Needles

At a debrief conference I was at recently, we did an exercise where we looked a parts of New Testament scripture, and looked at Jesus’ emotional life. We looked at each example and thought about what Jesus was feeling in each instance. It’s an interesting exercise. Something I’d never thought to do before. Naturally, we … Continue reading Pins & Needles

Our Donkey

Our time in Egypt was kind of a strange season. I got sick our first week there, and struggled with my health on and off the whole time. It took 7 months to get a diagnosis. And even then, no treatment seemed to help that much. The underlying issue was stress and try as I … Continue reading Our Donkey

All About

As we start to wrap up life here, it has obviously led to a lot of thought and reflection about our time here and our usefulness. It was another hard season, to be sure. We are still in the thick of it, and I think it will take a fair amount of time out to … Continue reading All About

The Privilege of Stress

Recently my husband and I were flying internationally. A little less than 24 hours before the flight, he went to do online check-in. But only his name was there. Mine was missing entirely from the reservation. We checked and double checked emails. After a few international phone calls we sorted out that for some unknown … Continue reading The Privilege of Stress