Missions Organizations Have Cracks [Part 2] – My Response to Their Response

5 thoughts on “Missions Organizations Have Cracks [Part 2] – My Response to Their Response”

  1. I read all your posts but am a little to shy to comment usually… I just have to say, I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it at times but you are SO strong and have such courage! I can’t even begin to imagine all you’ve faced and will have to face over the coming years, yet you still have space in your heart to care about others and worry that you have not done enough. You have. And you are an inspiration. I really hope you find the rest and healing you need.

  2. Thank you for your very honest letter and response. I really believe that agencies should provide psychological support or counselling for staff who need it, even if that time is when they return home. So much of what you wrote is disappointing, yet too common. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading your next part. Andrea

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