What if the Church had a Different Favorite Sin?

6 thoughts on “What if the Church had a Different Favorite Sin?”

  1. What are the effects that you’ve researched or seen for a purity culture? What verses actually agree with your point? Do you see the state of our culture now that seems to not have any kind of purity? I think it’s funny that you proved a point that you growing up in it helped you to stay pure until marriage. I did too. When a holy standard is preached yes Satan uses that as opportunity to shame. But God is looking for conviction so we’ll see our sin. 2 Cor. 7:9-10. 1 Cor. 6:18 warns of sexual sin. Where does the Bible down play it like you seem to?
    Then you compare payday loans to planned murder? Your own verse you used counters your point. “You have condemned and murdered the innocent one…”. Disappointing to see a fall from seeking Gods inward holiness from God’s son and outward holiness proving we are saved to the world.
    2 Tim 4:3 sounds true when I read this article.

    1. I included a link in the text if you’d like to read more about the negative consequences of purity culture. I also believe the church can teach sexual purity without there being an entire subculture around it, or that being the main moral teaching we provide for teens. Also research shows the most common reason women get abortions is because of poverty. There are studies (I won’t link them, you can find them if you’re curious) that when poverty rates go down abortion rates go down, as well as studies that when abortion is outlawed this does nothing to change the rates of abortion, just makes them much more dangerous. The two are linked quite significantly, and I look forward to a coming kingdom where I believe there will be neither poverty nor abortion.

  2. It’s a very interesting point of view, I like it because it makes us think and see other angle and that’s what a good article supposed to do. Congrats on that. On the other side, while I understand what you’re trying to do; I think you bring up topics that were not necessary to touch in order to make your point. Comparing ‘payday loans’ to ‘planned parenthood’ is way out of proportion in my view. I’m a harsh critic of Christians and Politicians that use abortion as their main reason to choose their vote, I think is wrong to do it that way (voting) and I think it doesn’t cause any change in our culture, I think we need more education and open talks on the issue and needs to be approached in a personal way rather than institutionalized it. But still I think comparing it to the abuse caused by financial institutions is not at the same level. The way you said it, it seems like you’re more concerned about one topic than the other and I think the consequences of abortion are way more damaging than what a payday loan can do. The topic you bring is very interesting and demands lots of discussion/time…I hope you continue to dig deeper so we can have healthy discussions about it. Blessings.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Fernando. Perhaps you’re right and I was too flippant in my comparison, and I absolutely agree we need more nuanced dialogue around that issue especially. You’re also right that this discussion needs more time – they all do! Thanks for understanding I can’t fit all scopes of my views, thoughts, and opinions as well as alternatives all in one post, as well as my rankings of importance for all of them! My intention was to just help us consider other sides of things and to have a more holistic view of trying to live into holiness. I really appreciate your thoughts here – thanks for taking the time to comment. All the best to you, brother.

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