Good Manners ≠ Kingdom Come

4 thoughts on “Good Manners ≠ Kingdom Come”

  1. Last year our Pastor lead a short devotion on the account of Jesus cursing the fig tree. Something I had never really understood before. It appeared to be a lesson about faith which did not make much sense to me. Thankfully, our Pastor put the story in context – it was immediately after Jesus had cleansed the court of the Gentiles from the corrupt money changers and merchants extorting people who were simply wanting to worship God. Matthew records a beautiful picture of the blind and lame then coming to Jesus for healing. The cursing of the fig tree was a warning to a religious system that was no longer bearing the fruit of righteousness – it was more concerned about protecting a system and those at the top of it. In many ways the Western church is in a similar predicament. Thanks Beth for being willing to challenge that and in doing so being a prophetic voice to people caught up in a religious system that desperately needs to humble itself before God while there is still time.

    1. Thank you, Fairlie! I enter this ground with a fair amount of trepidation, but I have to speak what I feel is true (though I am always want to keep learning!). You are someone I respect a great deal, and your words mean a lot. Thank you, friend. Lots of love to your family!

  2. Keep on going. God has brought me out and is continually removing the vestige of political idolatry that was in me. So much so that my son (atheist/agnostic) that sometimes will get his extended family angry when he post articles from Sojourners – happy to see someone speaking against the ‘merican form of religion. There’s a Christian blogger (TallSkinnyKiwi – friends for years) that reminds me of sacrifice…what it means. Thanks for your words and voice…

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