My Husband is an Immigrant (And he has been thoroughly vetted to be here.)

6 thoughts on “My Husband is an Immigrant (And he has been thoroughly vetted to be here.)”

  1. Beth,

    I am married to an Egyptian and we are currently going through this process. We have finally hit the interview process and it is the 26th at 7:30am Cairo time. Thank you for writing such a well organized article about the process. Too many don’t know what it takes and the headache it can become. I pray the best for you and your husband as you adjust to the states again.

    1. Thank you! And congratulations on getting to the interview stage! We had a really good experience at the embassy in Cairo. Get there nice and early if you can, there were probably 70 people there waiting before it opened, though most weren’t for immigrant visas. Make sure to get in the line on the left side AND that your pictures are the exact dimensions they ask for! We saw a poor family with 4 little kiddos have to go out and get their pictures redone and come back. So stressful! Good luck to you! I wish you the best!

  2. And with your husband being British, I’m assuming he speaks & reads English… I can’t imagine how much More difficult that process would be if he didn’t speak the language (very well)!

  3. I just found your blog! My husband is Israeli and we were shocked by the lengthy process! Now we are faced with God asking us to go back overseas for missions but we are one year away from citizenship. Do you know that you are supposed to stay in America 50% of the year or they can take your green card for abandoning residency 😕. Pray for us as we navigate the process!

    1. Yes – very aware of that reality! All best as you navigate what is intentionally a very difficult and confusing process!

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