These Christians

Last weekend we held a graduation/celebration for the 85 adult refugees who completed this semester of English courses. While there was a lot of attrition in the semester (likely due to Ramadan falling in the middle of it), it’s pretty amazing that 85 still completed their courses. The students were predominantly Sudanese, with other students … Continue reading These Christians

At the very least

One evening this week our friend a co-worker, a young Egyptian guy, invited the hubs and I and a few other friends over to his house for Egyptian food. So we crossed the bridge over the Nile while stopping to take selfies, and finally found a taxi driver willing to let the five of us … Continue reading At the very least

Two Neighbors

Part of the hubs job here is collecting stories about the refugees we work with from each of our departments for him to use in reports to donors so that, hopefully, they’ll continue funding our work. One of the ladies in the office who does the initial interviews with refugees to see if they qualify … Continue reading Two Neighbors


I’m managing people formally for the first time and it was bound to happen at some point. I knew there were parts of this that were going to be a stretch for me. I like when everyone is happy and I can be helpful and when I’m making peoples lives better and not worse. And, … Continue reading Blubbering