Worlds Combining

Last week we moved out of the guesthouse and into a cute little flat, on a quiet street, with little puppies living outside. We’ve fully unpacked for the first time in WAY too long, built a closet out of industrial shelving, some chain, and metal tubing, ordered new pillows, and in general are thrilled to … Continue reading Worlds Combining

The Little Light We Carry

Saturday morning, at 6:30am, the hubs and I were suddenly woken to what sounded like an explosion. After wondering aloud what in the world that was, I said “Let’s assume it was some nearby construction until we get up in a little while.” Over breakfast the hubs got on Twitter (a technology that I’m still … Continue reading The Little Light We Carry

Pepper Spray

We’re staying in a pretty nice part of town right now. There are actually sidewalks in these parts so you don’t have to weave through cars as you walk. So I’ve been getting up at 6am and running a couple of mornings a week. I ran often in Juba and when I stayed in Nairobi. I tried … Continue reading Pepper Spray