Fighting Continues

The fighting continues in South Sudan. Juba is quiet, but in other parts of the nation there is fighting. Ugly, ugly fighting. The fighting is tribal in nature. But it is deeper and more complex than that. These are not new issues flaring up. They are issues that are deep seated and have long histories, … Continue reading Fighting Continues

What Now

While I was back in Juba I discussed with the director about a return trip in May or so. She would like to try to bring the girls back from Juba at that time. I mostly want to go, get a proper good-bye, check in with how they’re doing with the handcraft stuff and have … Continue reading What Now

To Juba and Back

I went to Juba for a few days last week. To collect my things, meet with the director, get the girls money sorted, get a refund from Ethiopian Airways. Wrap up loose ends. It was strange being back after the way I left. There were soldiers everywhere. In all sorts of different uniforms. South Sudanese … Continue reading To Juba and Back