Well, to summarize, I was evacuated from Juba on Wednesday. Kind of a miracle, really, how it all worked out. I was evacuated to Nairobi and have now just arrived in London. Lots to process, and completely exhausted. Between gunfire and weird flight times I haven’t slept really in several days. Reeling a bit from … Continue reading Safe


If you have seen any of my Facebook posts, you know that there is serious unrest going n in Juba right now. The last two nights and into the day have been met with heavy gunfire and artillery. Fighting is going on in many parts of the city. Not where we are, but nearby. It … Continue reading Unrest

Booking a Flight

I have a PI conference in January in Ethiopia. Decided to loop in a trip to the UK for New Years(!), because I’ve been wanting to go there soon anyway (may involve a certain British boy…) and it’s cheaper to combine both trips into one. I tried to book online through the airline. Several times. They don’t take … Continue reading Booking a Flight


It was my third consecutive Thanksgiving away from home. My last two in Ktown were unconventional. A normal workday and all that, but in the evening a big potluck feast with other Americans and games. They were great. Here my community is much smaller, and much less American. I do know some Americans, though. They … Continue reading Thanksgiving