Meaning Well

One thought on “Meaning Well”

  1. There is a balance which needs to be put into place. On the one hand you have the volunteer help offered by these groups for the benefit of the girls and their home. On the other hand you have the rights, privacy and dignity of the individual girls themselves. As this pertains to picture taking. you may want to offer a policy that allows pictures of the facility similar to a before and after experience, but prohibit pictures of the girls as an invasion of their privacy, unless you think that they can give their permission as informed persons. At their age this country would not allow this because they are not mature enough to properly assess the ramifications. Maybe the director could establish some guidelines to better define the rights of the residents and the visitors. As a respecter of human decency invasion by guests or visitors of the personal effects of the girls seems way beyond the realm of acceptability. With all of these concerns I think you need to sit down with the director and develop meaningful and enforceable standards of practice for visitors to the home. These could be distributed to the visitors before their arrival so that there is no misunderstanding while they are there. RLS

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