Meaning Well

This is one of those posts that I feel slightly conflicted about writing. Because it is something that I haven’t fully reconciled in my mind, and also could come across and somewhat hurtful to some and I don’t want to seem like a jaded fool. But the blog is about my life here. Hence, by default … Continue reading Meaning Well

Making Progress

So, the last few weeks work-wise have felt ever so slightly like a let-down. Tried, unsuccessfully, to start training with girls from the community on six separate days. And on each of those days nooo onnneeee showed up. Chose not to be discouraged because I was doing all that was in my power. The issue … Continue reading Making Progress

The Monkey

There is a monkey that lives at CCC. A small little monkey. Smaller than a cat with a longer tail and weirdly human-like hands with tiny fingernails. At first it seems cute. And like a sort of cliché of what life in Africa should be like. Of course our compound would have a pet monkey. … Continue reading The Monkey

It Will Come

Last week did not go how I’d planned. I’ve learned to hold my ideas about a day or week very loosely on this continent. Everyday life is much more unpredictable here. I was supposed to start training girls from the community this week. Girls who have dropped out of school and are between 14-18 and … Continue reading It Will Come

A Miracle

I go to the market usually once a week to get more beads, thread, fruit and things. I usually take a couple of the girls with me. They like a little break from the compound as much as I do, plus they know their way around really well and I feel very safe when I’m … Continue reading A Miracle