I was in Kenya for a week. (An interesting week to be in Kenya for sure.) I got back on Thursday. And came back to the warmest reception ever. I was assaulted with hugs, told how fat I’d gotten, and a few of the girls even picked me up and carried me. One told me she … Continue reading Back

Take the Hill

 I love this city less than the last one I was in. But one thing I can do here that I couldn’t do there is run. I love that I have that freedom here. So four or five mornings a week I go out just as the sun has come up and I run. On … Continue reading Take the Hill

Mean Aunty

Mean aunty. It is how the dorm mom and I refer to ourselves on the days when the girls require firm discipline and/or the days that our patience runs very thin. This weekend mean aunty came out. Because the girls have been on holiday and staff has been sick and I live here with them … Continue reading Mean Aunty