I don’t consider myself to be patient person. And it is amazing to me that I love working with kids. Specifically, difficult ones. It is hard. And it could be easy to be dismayed when I look around and see the extreme poverty around and the miserable circumstances so many people live in or come from. It … Continue reading Kids

My Best

Yesterday morning it happened. The morning where you wake up and get going and you look at the door and in your mind you whimper, “I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna!” I didn’t want to walk out the door and deal with 37 voices and screams, fights and chores, or anything at all. But I ate 3 handfuls of … Continue reading My Best

Open Day and Profits

Last Saturday CCC had an Open Day. We learned about this Open Day on Monday. So last week was a pretty busy intensive week. Also, what better time to debut the handicraft skills of the girls to the friends and community of CCC? So my week was busy encouraging the girls to finish their pieces, … Continue reading Open Day and Profits

You want me to do what?

I’m in over my head. It is not the first time and assuredly no the last time I have felt this way. It is a feeling generally accompanied with some tears, a fear of failing, and a big desire to curl up and be lazy and do something that seems easier with my life. But I’m stubborn and don’t like … Continue reading You want me to do what?


Tuesday was a holiday. It was National Martyrs Day, in honor of all who died in the war and especially to mark the anniversary of the death of John Garang. I was invited to go hike the Jabel (mountain) just outside of the city with some folks. On the way we passed even more SPLA … Continue reading Periphery