An Abrupt End

It has been a long, bizarre, stressful, unsettling 10 days. I don’t know where to begin or what to say, but to suffice for now…I am being forced to leave my home here. I’m not sure which day exactly, but soon. So I am packing up, saying goodbyes. Laughing and crying and praying with my … Continue reading An Abrupt End

Not Fearing…for real.

The timing of my last post about fear is almost comical. Lets just say that starting Tuesday morning I have had to utilize all I have been learning about fear recently, and then some. I’m finding rest in God’s truth in the face of some unexpected giants this week. Feeling pressed, but not crushed. Please, … Continue reading Not Fearing…for real.


While I love the communal, eating with my hands thing during meals with locals, there are still a few foods that I’m still getting the hang of eating. Weka is one of them. They eat a lot of okra here. Weka is okra that has been dried in the sun and pounded into a powder. … Continue reading Weka