Every Tounge

I really like my church here. It’s bigger than you would probably think. Maybe 200 attending every Friday? I’m not so good with estimating, but that’s my best guess. It’s mostly African,  a few Asians, maybe 20% Western, if that. The worship is pretty great and the pastor shares the pulpit pretty frequently. We get … Continue reading Every Tounge

Giving Thanks

In light of Thanksgiving I did some baking for the boys centers. On Wednesday last week I made glazed sugar cookies for the littlies center and the teachers. I explained about Thanksgiving and how it’s a day where people don’t work or go to school, and it’s dedicated to family and food and being thankful. … Continue reading Giving Thanks


There is a lot going on in my heart and life these days. I’ve tried a few times the last couple days to type it out into some sort of sense. It doesn’t feel like anything worth sharing yet. This entry feels like a little bit of a cop out. I knew it was time to post … Continue reading Bits

Obama and Sodas

This week I got many congratulations from lots of local folks about the re-election of Obama. When I was at the littlies center earlier this week I was sitting and eating lunch with a bunch of the teachers and staff. They were congratulating me and America and laughing. I asked why they like Obama so … Continue reading Obama and Sodas