A Breather

Friday was Eid Al-Dahiyya. It’s an important Muslim holiday. Each family buys and sacrifices, butchers, prepares, and eats a sheep. So the last few days involved seeing lots of herds of sheep around waiting to be sold, hearing the bleating of sheep from the hooshes of neighbors, and seeing a couple of sheep being slaughtered … Continue reading A Breather

On Rickshaws

“Mash Allah” written on the front. Means “Go with God.” Written on nearly all the rickshaws, amjats, and buses. Up until the last few months rickshaws were my least favorite mode of transport here. Not just because the drivers are generally somewhat reckless or that I have seen many involved in accidents–mostly it’s because I … Continue reading On Rickshaws

Well Deserved

Before director-lady left for the summer she took a bunch of the wire stuff the boys had made with her to sell. She also took with her two nice pictures that one of the oldest boys, “T”, had drawn. She got them framed then auctioned them off while she was home in the UK. After … Continue reading Well Deserved