Eid Week

This past week was Eid. Starting Sunday everyone celebrated the end of Ramadan with visiting/food/presents/prayers. Kids got a week off of school, most businesses were closed, and everyone spends the week visiting and traipsing around in their new clothes. One day last week my housemate and I went and visited upstairs with our landlord/neighbors. It … Continue reading Eid Week

Come Back

Remember him? He had been doing so well for months. Not running away. Less arguing and fighting. Was doing so well in school and one of the most clever in his class. Loved the art programs and always took them really seriously. It was amazing. Another boy who had been at the center for awhile … Continue reading Come Back


I had a really nice afternoon one day last week with the littlies. I didn’t exactly feel like going and dealing with multiple buses after 4 hours of Arabic class. But I went, of course, and it was good. The project for the last couple of weeks was having them make books for themselves. We … Continue reading Chats


I have so much going through my head these days. So much I feel like I’m working through or mulling over at least. Who I am and what in the world to do in these coming days of my life. For any sort of work here I feel like there must be someone better. More … Continue reading Overthinking

More than One

Muslim men can have up to four wives. Only the really wealthy have this many if they choose to. (Apparently women are expensive…? :)) I’d venture to say that the majority have one wife, but there are many who have more. The president here just recently married his third. At the older boys centre there is a … Continue reading More than One