Rainy Morning

Last night I woke up to a thunderstorm. Pounding rain, thunder, lightning–all the good stuff. After looking out for a bit I laid in bed just listening. I just got up this morning and the air so nice and cool and it is still drizzling. The little lot below us is one giant mud puddle, as … Continue reading Rainy Morning


Today I was sitting and talking with some of the older boys. This is always a highlight of my day/week. The topics range. We talk about music and America more than I’d prefer, but I still enjoy connecting with them all the same. I feel like a big sister to them and I love it. It’s funny … Continue reading Assumptions


Operation adjust my attitude is in full affect. I’m giving myself some grace because living here is hard and leaving home is emotional and all that. But I can’t sit in that place. Gotta keep pressing on, you know? I can generally gauge how I’m doing spiritually by how much I am writing. When life is … Continue reading Humility

About that…

So perhaps my first blog entry back was a bit more optimistic than actually accurate. The desert hasn’t exactly welcomed me back with a sweet embrace, so to speak. I arrived safely, but my luggage did not. After a couple of phone calls to the number they gave me and many anxious prayers on my part … Continue reading About that…