I’ve learned a lot about myself living in another culture. Can’t say all of it is stuff I’m thrilled to know, but gives me things to work on and towards all the same. Like, when I’m nervous, trying to navigate a new place, or especially if I’m kind of lost or just did something stupid like … Continue reading Learning


We have lots of different ways to say yes. Yeah. Yup. Uh-huh. Mm-hmm. Arabic does too. Nom. Aywa. Ay. And this clicking noise you do with the side of your mouth. I like it. I use it a lot. Recently some friends came back from a trip to Ethiopia. They were saying that there instead … Continue reading Yeppers

In the Know

We have two girls staying with us for the month of May. They’re helping my housemate with a camp she is putting on for kids from her school. One day this week they went with me to the boys center to check it out and play some games with them. Neither of them know any … Continue reading In the Know


About an 10 minute walk from our house is a nice fruit and veg market. I traipse on down there once a week or so. I go to same veg guy and the same fruit guy. They’re nice, I feel like they don’t cheat me, and if they don’t have something that I want and … Continue reading Known

Joys and Dips

Last week at church we were singing the simple words, “When I am dry you fill my cup” and I got a little teary, just overwhelmed with thankfulness. Life has slowed down a bit–not even a whole lot really, but somehow the pressure is off and life has seemed almost easy the last two weeks. It’s kind of like entering … Continue reading Joys and Dips

Surprise Performance

Last week at the staff at the center for the younger boys held little program for the families of the boys. Yes, some of the boys have family around. All are pretty hard up. Most are single moms. Some live on the streets themselves, and some work in not so legal professions. (In September there … Continue reading Surprise Performance