Update + A Happy Day

I don’t have a whole lot in way of an update on what happened to the church that was attacked and looted. The students who were there are pretty shaken up from what I hear. About half of them are Southerners and are eager to get to the South now. As they are, understandably, worried … Continue reading Update + A Happy Day


**Had originally deleted this post, but now that the incident has received no small amount of international attention I don’t see the harm in posting it. I mean, its even on Youtube.** Yesterday I got one of those phone calls that catch you off guard and leave whatever you were in the middle of seem … Continue reading Destruction

Taking a Chill Pill

The weather went from being pretty hot last week (100’s), to really hot this week (110’s). With the increase in temperature has come a noticable difference in my energy, patience, and inclination to do most anything. So a little week off that I have been planning for myself and am being forced to take by my … Continue reading Taking a Chill Pill

Beach Day

Last week was the annual day at the island for the boys, staff, and their families. This time last year I was still pretty new. (I still feel new, though!) I was hoping that this year I’d feel more comfortable since I’ve been here longer. And I did. Sort of. There were lots of folks … Continue reading Beach Day

Two Extremes

My housemate works at a school for locals here. Quite a wealthy school. We’re talking the kids of the some of the richest families in the country. A couple of weeks ago my lovely housemate arranged for some of her Grade 7 boys to come to our older boys centre to play soccer and eat … Continue reading Two Extremes