Another Goodbye

April is the deadline for all of the Southerners to get out of the North or to have a visa to stay here. At the centre’s were still a few Southern boys so this week they moved South to a centre down there. I didn’t learn that they were leaving until the day before. Goodbyes … Continue reading Another Goodbye

Praise Him.

This week I had the best, most encouraging lesson at language school ever. Now, I can’t really go into detail. Gotta be careful about stuff, you know. BUT I can say that my classmate and I got to spend a full two hours talking (in Arabic, of course) with our local teacher about the most important thing … Continue reading Praise Him.

Beauty for Ashes

It was not part of the original plan in my mind, but things change sometimes. And as it turns out I get to visit home for a few weeks this summer during my break from language school. This is a gigantic, incredible, huge blessing. Come June, I won’t have seen my family or friends for … Continue reading Beauty for Ashes

Meet a Boy.

Not sure why I haven’t done this sooner. But I’d like you to start meeting some of the amazing boys in my life. ..Lets clarify that—the boys I work with at the centres. If you get my newsletter you’ll see this again there. 🙂 This is Kubri. (Not his real name because we’re not supposed … Continue reading Meet a Boy.


Hi. It’s been a little while. Sorry about that.Life has been busy. Too busy. But still good. I’ve been a little stressed and overwhelmed, if I’m being completely honest. But probably the one thing that is stressing me the least is my time with the boys at the centre’s, which is wonderful. We’re doing some … Continue reading Nothing