Real Stuff

Sometimes when I sit down to blog I try to think of what have been big moments in the week or whatever. More often than not, though, there are tons of small moments. Some funny, some frustrating. All worth chatting with my roommate about, but sometimes when I write them out many of them don’t … Continue reading Real Stuff


After church on Friday I usually go for lunch with a group of the 20-something’s. Today afterwards I sat outside of the restaurant for about 20 minutes with a friend while she waited for someone to pick her up. A beggar lady came up to us. Clearly a lady with a rough life. She stuck out … Continue reading Beggars

Fill ‘er up.

So I’ve gotten back into the swing of thing since a nice holiday break.  School, centers…lots of time on the bus. And it has been cold here. I know, I know, still no match for Eastern Shore cold (which, frankly I couldn’t be happier to be far from!), but it’s the coldest “winter” here anyone can … Continue reading Fill ‘er up.


Between Christmas and New Years I went with a group of friends about 5 hours northwest of the capital where we live. We stayed at a guesthouse there for 3 days and, aside from being eaten alive by mosquitoes every night, we had a nice time. The city is right next to the Nile and … Continue reading Trip!