Tap Water

Sometimes the water in the tap comes out like this. This is why we filter. And why I check before I hop in the shower. Because if I shower in brown water, then it kind of defeats the purpose I think. Continue reading Tap Water

On Vacation I:

Learned how to care for chickens. (A dream of mine for down the road someday). How to dry artemisa leaves and make into malaria preventing tea. How to de-worm my insides by chewing up papaya seeds. That chickens have a funny sort of growl. Got better at yoga. Read 6 books. Ate a LOT of … Continue reading On Vacation I:


At the beginning of the summer I was feeling a little guilty about planning a break from the desert already. But these last few weeks have been intensive–lots of time at the centre’s, some extra work, lots of heat, visiting with neighbors, most of my interactions being in Arabic. I am exhausted. So, really, this … Continue reading Breaking