New Boys

Last week  the centre took in new boys from off of the streets to come and stay. There are about 12 new boys, ages 6-14. I have been spending about every other day there, and every other day at the other centre. (Staying busy during my school break!) I’m only there during the day, so I’m … Continue reading New Boys


The drop in centre has ended for now, and we have taken in a about 20 boys who are 13 years and younger to start detoxing them from glue and alcohol. In the next few days they will be integrated with our boys who are already in the centre’s. The drop in centre was supposed … Continue reading Poisoning


Yesterday some friends and I went to a public pool. It was lovely. There is one pool that most of the foreigners use. It is at the Greek Club. I’ve never been, but it’s supposed to be really nice. But it is expensive, about $10 to get in. A friend told us about this local pool, … Continue reading Pool!

A List

of the unexpected things I found as I was organizing in the cupboards at the boys centre today: -An address guide to Paris.-A smoothie cookbook.-Crossroads on VHS. For those of you that don’t recall, that was Britney Spears movie from years ago.-Two school ID cards that were at least 10 years old.-A large book of … Continue reading A List


My roomate is changing her visa from a student one to a work one. In order to do that she has to leave the country, and for an undetermined amount of time. At least a week, and likely a little bit longer. That leaves me here with no school (it is on summer break), no … Continue reading Hmm.

Covered in Dust

Hi. Can I be honest? It’s kinda been a rough week. A combination of things I guess. The heat has seemed to be esspecially relentless. I have been esspecially tired. The feeling stupid/awkward/useless type times at the centre’s seemed to come in waves this week instead of moments. There’s fighting going on all over the country. … Continue reading Covered in Dust


So we thought that we might have a critter in the flat. Then we were sure that we did. For several nights in a row it looked like it had a dance party on our living room furniture. (Don’t judge the dust. We do clean. It just accumulates that quickly here). So we bought some … Continue reading Ratscapades

Regular Customer

Being a sabuna (regular customer) is a big part of the culture here. It’s all about the relationship. There are a few duucans (corner shops) in every neighborhood and you usually frequent one of them. You go to the same fruit guy and the same veg guy when you go to the market. I moved … Continue reading Regular Customer


I realized I never did a post about the annual trip to a little island in the Nile for the boys at the centre’s, the staff and their families. I wrote a little ditty for the folks that fund the centre’s to post on their website. Here is what I wrote for them: In spite … Continue reading Island!