My time here got very full very quickly. I jumped in with both feet with language school, language tutoring, and working at the centre. Which was wonderful, but the last few weeks I have had a little bit more free time with the boys mostly on home visits. With the bit of extra time I … Continue reading Vision

A Day for Firsts.

My first day at the drop-in centre, first serious habuub (dust storm), and my first thunderstorm here in the desert. A glorious day indeed! The drop-in centre today was…well, I can’t sum it up in a word or two. So I will go into a lengthy explanation as usual. It has been operating for the last … Continue reading A Day for Firsts.

New Digs

About 2 weeks ago I moved out of where I was staying–a family on my team, and in a flat with J. She is a South African gal in her 30’s and we are having a lovely time so far. We have already planned all sorts of summer fun. Starting with a little bbq tomorrow … Continue reading New Digs

Lost and Found

Today going to school I got on the wrong bus. Not the first time, and not the last I am sure. The moment when it dawns on me that I am not where I intended nor want to be, immediately the wheels start turning and I start trying to figure out where the bus I’m … Continue reading Lost and Found

Roasty Toasty

Summer has commenced here and me-oh-my this heat is no joke. With temperatures topping out around 120 most days we have to refrigerate even our emergency candles so they don’t melt. And it’s not the sort of heat that is counterbalanced by very cool nights. I mean, the nights are cooler, but they are still … Continue reading Roasty Toasty

Mixed Bag

Monday night after I wrote my last post I had dinner with some old friends and some new friends. All folks about my age–a British couple, Kenyan guy, Pakistani guy, and an American guy. We had a lot of fun. Of course the bin Laden situation came up and we got to talk about it. Really … Continue reading Mixed Bag

About that.

I stay out of politics. I don’t like them. I have opinions, but I prefer to keep my ideas to myself about these things generally. I like to avoid debate and contention. But I have some serious thoughts about the murder of bin Laden, especially since I am living now on his old stomping grounds. (The … Continue reading About that.

10. 10?!

I found out recently that the legal marrying age for girls here is 10. 10?! 10. Which I suppose what makes the stories you hear such as a woman being widowed at 21 with 5 kids possible. Yikes. Continue reading 10. 10?!