Super Suuq

This morning I went with some folks to the giant suuq (market), over the bridge in the next town over. This town is kind of the “old city.” I’m not even sure how old it is, but at least some hundreds of years. It is a more conservative area, and has a reputation about things … Continue reading Super Suuq

He is Risen!

What a beautiful Easter! Woke up bright and early and we left the house while it was still very dark out. Our neighbors across the street are Ethiopian Christians and part of their tradition includes slaughtering a cow. So, they were out doing that by flashlight when we left this morning. The various inner parts … Continue reading He is Risen!

Field Trip Fun

Last night a local pastor who lives in the US, but is here visiting his family, paid for all the boys to go to a little amusement park in town. There are some rides, a little picnic area, ice cream. A cute little place. It doesn’t open until 7:30pm, which is right around the time … Continue reading Field Trip Fun

In Love

I’ve said it┬ábefore. I fall in love with people and get emotionally attached very easily. Let me tell you, I love, loovvveee these former street boys I am working with. I just love them. The younger ones especially, but all of them┬áreally. I love playing with them, painting with them, teaching them to draw, trying … Continue reading In Love


There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet. Each letter has 3 forms for how it appears in a word depending on whether it is the first letter, the last, or in the middle. 6 of the letters don’t connect to the following letter in word form. Each letter also has 3 pronunciations depending on … Continue reading Hurrah!