over·con·fi·dent (ō′vər kän′fə dənt) adjective -confident without adequate reason; too confident -excessively confident; presumptuous. Also…one who thinks that after only one day of taking the bus in a new country where they don’t speak the language, that they can get off at a different stop to go to the store and can walk back to … Continue reading Over·con·fi·dent


I am having a hard time believing that I am really here in what will be my home for the next long while. Sometimes when I have been in the house for a few hours or wake up in the morning I remember and it makes me smile. I never, ever thought I would be … Continue reading Here

Love Note?

Dear Africa, I don’t mean to be mean. We haven’t gotten off to a rough start exactly. Safari was great and I have crossed paths with some lovely people. The robbery, while not my fav, could have been much worse. Getting really sick the next day though just seemed a bit like adding insult to … Continue reading Love Note?